Journal Entry 3: The “Perfect” Time To Start

Written by Eric Ulchakere

May 20, 2020

I am sure like most everyone that takes on a fitness or diet regime, you wait until the perfect time to start. Certainly can’t start on a Thursday, who ever heard of anything starting on a Thursday?!

I planned that my big adventure would start on a Monday – yesterday Monday – but once again life happened. A medical emergency with my extended family and my laptop deciding to quit threw me in a mental state that a Monday start was just not in the cards.

So now what…

I could go back to my normal routine as I yo-yoed through weight loss and weight gain… and wait until the perfect time next Monday to start. But part of this journey is to break habits that have I instilled or let rule my life. I need to go against the tide and shatter my routines.

Thursday it is.



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