We provide you a branded solution that you deliver to the support network of those you serve. Create raving fans and strengthen the networks so you can deliver on your promises.

Family Support solution

The APPORTIS Family Support Solution is the starting point for those families that have to deal with a loved one dealing with emerging mental wellbeing or Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and all of the challenges that this brings.

24/7 Access to Evidence-Based Resources

Ensures that students, families, and staff have constant access to scientifically validated resources designed to address mental health and wellbeing challenges, providing support anytime it’s needed.

Content Management System

A robust platform that allows schools to distribute a wide range of resources and events efficiently. This system helps keep the school community informed and engaged with the latest tools and information to support mental health.

Automate Rosters through your ESC

Simplifies the management of student and staff rosters by automating the process, ensuring accurate and up-to-date information with minimal manual effort.

White-labeled for your School

Customizable features allow the platform to be branded according to the school’s identity, providing a seamless and personalized experience for users.


Reporting on Areas of Struggle

Detailed reporting tools that help identify specific areas where students, schools, or districts are facing difficulties, enabling targeted interventions and support strategies.

Family and Staff Versions Included

Dedicated resources tailored specifically for families and staff members, ensuring that the entire school community is supported.

Our Family Support Solution, Simply


Deliver much needed information to these families through our relationships with publishers and trusted sources such as SAMSHA, CDC, ASAM, the NIH, and many other credible sources.


Delivers timely information for a family disrupted by SUD, this valued support app will be looked upon as a lifeline in a time of great stress and uncertainty.


Connect with our CrisisMitigation platform, we want to unify the support network around the individual suffering from SUD. Our tools include e-learning, videos, action plans, and other functionality that will help bolster and educate this critical support network. 

Our Partners

We are so proud to be working with such amazing organizations!  If you have interest in becoming a partner, contact us!

support app for universities

When you have a lot of questions, unique needs, and the playing field of healthcare is changing rapidly, but you are too small to engage with the big guys.  Apportis focuses on small to mid-sized hospitals and clinics…we speak your language. Apportis can help you design and build out the programs that:

HECAOD Membership

School membership to HECAOD  – Higher Education Center for Alcohol and Drug Misuse Prevention and Recovery (HECAOD) is the premier alcohol and drug misuse prevention and recovery resource for Colleges  and Universities (

Recovery Ally Training Materials

Comprehensive curriculums, weekly newsletters, and webinars that prepare faculty and staff with the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to act as recovery allies, fostering a supportive environment for students in recovery.

Learning Collaboratives

Opportunities to participate in past and current webinars, learning sessions, and weekly updates, providing the latest trends and best practices in mental health and substance misuse prevention.

Discounted National Meeting Registration

Reduced fees for attending national meetings, enhancing professional development and networking opportunities.


Anonymous Screening Tools

Tools that allow students to confidentially screen for depression, anxiety, alcohol misuse, cannabis, other drugs, and gambling (coming soon), helping to identify and address issues early.

Dashboards and Real-time Analytics

Advanced visualization tools that provide real-time data and insights, aiding in the effective management and analysis of mental health trends on campus.

Resilient for Colleges & Universities Optional Add-ons…

Integrated Telehealth

Remote healthcare services that offer convenient access to mental health support for students.

Custom Reporting

Personalized reporting features that cater to the specific needs and requirements of the institution.