(ap)PORTIS = Latin, plural for “Gateway”

Apportis :
The Right Help at the Right Time.

Resilient™ developed by Apportis offers a comprehensive mental health solution that is tailored to supporting K-12, colleges, universities, first responders, and the unique needs of agencies and nonprofits. 

Bring support to those that you serve by providing the tools to deal with their mental well-being and build resiliency to face new challenges.

The Resilient™ solution creates a center-of-gravity for each individual you serve so that your organization, their families, and the larger community are all focused on their unique needs in their moment of need.


Resilient for Schools™ platform offers 24/7 access to mental health resources, automated roster management, and customizable branding. It also includes detailed reporting tools and integrates with local agencies for comprehensive support.


Resilient for First Responders™ offers 24/7 access to mental health resources, anonymous screening tools, and family-specific support. It includes real-time analytics, community connectivity, and a wayfinding tool to guide first responders and their families toward wellbeing.


Resilient for Colleges & Universities™ includes 24/7 access to mental health resources, HECAOD membership, and recovery ally training materials. It features advanced real-time analytics, anonymous screening tools, and offers discounted national meeting registrations.


Resilient for Agencies™ is designed to support under-served and at-risk populations, such as youth facing homelessness, pregnancy, sexual violence, mental or developmental disabilities, addiction, transitions out of foster care, or involvement with the juvenile justice system. This platform enables you to establish connections that were previously unattainable.


Our Partners

We are so proud to be working with such amazing organizations!  If you have interest in becoming a partner, contact us!