Apportis, Data Modeling and Smarter Healthcare …

Written by Eric Ulchakere

May 20, 2020

Apportis Founder, Philip Payne speaks with Futurety on a Webinar titled: Using Data Modeling and Predictive Analytics to Power Smarter Healthcare

The healthcare market is trending to reach an expenditure upwards of $32 billion by 2022. Big Data continues to be at the forefront in compelling the industry forward.

Join Bill Balderaz and Philip Payne during this 30-minute webinar to understand how Big Data is transforming the healthcare landscape: reducing medication errors, decreased hospital costs and wait times, improving services, and increasing patient privacy. Balderaz and Payne will also discuss how Big Data is predicting opioid usage and preventing hospital re-admissions.

Hear the recorded Webinar:


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