Wright State University Wellness Coach: Seeing New Perspectives

Written by Philip Payne

June 11, 2021

When it comes to health and wellness of college students, I feel like this year was an all-time low. The stress and changes that came along with the pandemic caused students to be thrown through hoops that they never saw coming. That is why this program was an essential part of the education of the future Student Affairs professionals. If Student Affairs professionals are unaware of the coping mechanisms and warning signs that come with different areas of health and wellness, how can they evaluate their own lives as well as help the students around them.

This program jumped right into all aspects of health and wellness including; emotional, spiritual, environmental, physical, financial and more. We learned how connected all types of wellness are. If even one aspect is off, then your whole wellness wheel is off and can have a domino effect in your life. It was so nice to hear from my peers in this aspect. I feel that whenever you know the presenter or have some kind of tie to them, you tend to listen and retain more after hearing the presentation. I also loved being taken through different activities. This allowed me to practice some of those techniques that I had learned throughout each session.

Apportis was a great resource for us coaches to utilize. It was full of resources about my topic as well as it made it easier to connect with other coaches and my peers outside of the meetings. It was nice to be able to chat with the Apportis team and give them feedback on our sessions and their programs. I think that they have HUGE potential with this world going more and more digital on a daily basis.


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