Keep a Blue Head …

Written by Eric Ulchakere

May 20, 2020

Apportis: We’re Keeping Calm & Having Our Blue Head On

We’ve all seen those Keep Calm & Carry On, Stay Strong, even Dance On posters but at Apportis, our core is to keep calm by keeping our Blue Head on. I know some of you are asking what a blue head means so here you go: a “Blue Head” is an optimal state in which you are on task & performing to your best ability. The other fun fact is blue also represents trust, loyalty, sincerity, confidence and stability which is where Apportis is mirroring those values as well.

There is so much uncertainty to life, especially with our current COVID-19 epidemic. We’re all trying to keep our lives as optimal as possible but whatBlue-Head does an optimal life mean? Stress and difficulties will always be there, and they can be very overwhelming, so striving for a healthy balance of both mental & physical health will keep you focused to the path of living your best life.

At Apportis, we have designed our software platform to make it very easy to get help now but once that has been done successfully, we have a “what next” plan in store.

We believe in the power of resources. You are not alone on the path to discovering what exactly is next in your life after you’ve gotten help. With life coaching, family support forums, a library of resources, message boards, and simple best practices just to name a few, we support you with the tools so you can continue to get back to your best self and maybe even help someone else do so!

We wish we didn’t have to live with problems, but that is life, so we focus on how you find meaning and purpose with your experiences. We conclude with our version of an optimal life; it’s giving you the confidence to achieve a healthy balanced lifestyle where your goals & desires can be met. Be confident you will know what to do & where to go when that need for help arises. Apportis wants you to live your best life, and we’re here to help now!




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