Tele-Behavioral Health Needs are Universal

Tele-Behavioral Health Needs are Universal

I’d like to familiarize everyone with what tele-behavioral health is so that you can have a meaningful reading experience. Tele-behavioral health is the process of providing behavioral therapy or psychotherapy remotely, utilizing video conferencing or text-based messaging. Millions of people’s mental health needs have been addressed by the means of tele-behavioral health, and I’d like you all to be aware of this valuable resource.

Tele-behavioral health is not subject to any one specific group of people; It is a universal resource. It does not discriminate against geographic location, income level, age, race, ethnicity, gender identity, nor sexual orientation. Tele-behavioral health has become a common tool that can be employed by anyone.

I have many friends that have found relief and guidance in tele-behavioral health resources, especially during the pandemic. Not only can they receive the necessary help they need, but they can do so at a distance. With the technology of tele-behavioral health, my friends who attend college away from home are able to not only maintain but improve their mental health with their primary caregiver. They can easily be connected on their phone, tablet, or computer anywhere to address their emergent needs. College students are just one demographic that can benefit from tele-behavioral health.

You may not know that even our homeless population can access tele-behavioral health support. Specifically, agencies who utilize our Apportis platform can connect tele-behavioral health professionals with homeless individuals as our solution does not need Wi-Fi to function. Oftentimes, these homeless men, women, and children’s mental illnesses are heightened by their stressful living situation, so tele-behavioral health is a vital resource for them to have access to.

At Apportis, we are continuously working with agencies and organizations to help connect tele-behavioral health services with those in need. Tele-behavioral health has become a new norm in our society, and we are here to be a leader in those developments.