Tele-Behavioral Health Series Articles

How Apportis Is Filling the Need for Tele-Case Management

In order to discuss the merits of tele-case management, a basic understanding of what case management is must be achieved. As defined by the Commission for Case Management Certification, “Case management is a collaborative process that assesses, plans, implements,...

How Behavioral Health Attracts Stigma, and What Apportis is Doing to Change That

Many people face stigma before, during and after their journey to improved behavioral health. Apportis eliminates the feeling of anxiety that someone may see you walking into a behavioral health clinic and the need to ask for time off of work to see a specialist

Tele-Behavioral Health Needs are Universal

Tele-behavioral health has become a common tool that can be employed by anyone. At Apportis, we are continuously working with agencies and organizations to help connect tele-behavioral health services with those in need.

Connectivity During a Time of COVID and Crisis

Apportis is here to tailor our software platform so that agencies can meet the specific needs of those they serve, including you!