Student Loan Repayments Mirror ‘Get Help Now Foundation’ …

Last week, the National Health Service Corps awarded $80 million in student loan repayments to clinicians on the front lines of the Opioid Crisis. The program aims to incentive counselors treating addiction in underserved communities, which are often those most devastated by the epidemic that is gripping our nation.

Addiction treatment centers often have difficulty retaining staff because a combination of low wages and high student loan debt from the degrees required in the field. The NHSC program aims to alleviate this burden by paying back up to $75,000 worth of loans in exchange for 3 years of service in an underserved community. Not only does this help the clinics and their staff, but most importantly it helps the patients who have built up trust with their provider.

The ‘Get Help Now Foundation’ is a charity whose mission coincides with this NHSC grant; assuring qualified addiction counselors are on the front lines. The GHNF is newly approved 501(c)(3) organization that aims to combat the Opioid Crisis by providing scholarships for clinicians pursing a master’s in addiction medicine, and certification + employment for peer-support counselors.

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