We provide you a branded solution that you deliver to the support network of those you serve. Create raving fans and strengthen the networks so you can deliver on your promises.

Family Support solution

The APPORTIS Family Support Solution is the starting point for those families that have to deal with a loved one dealing with emerging mental wellbeing or Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and all of the challenges that this brings.


Showcase a database of treatment facilities and agencies to properly match the agency with your family’s needs.


Organize documents of their financial accounts and health records and their support network.



Determine roles of support individuals, discuss & create your own action plan, in addition to, knowing the roles of support individuals.



Offer community forum for support and advice, in addition to, stages of change



Encouraging healthy, positive behaviors; setting limits and boundaries


Address change and self-care. Know how and where to get educated

Our Family Support Solution, Simply…


Deliver much needed information to these families through our relationships with publishers and trusted sources such as SAMSHA, CDC, ASAM, the NIH, and many other credible sources.


Delivers timely information for a family disrupted by SUD, this valued support app will be looked upon as a lifeline in a time of great stress and uncertainty.


Connect with our CrisisMitigation platform, we want to unify the support network around the individual suffering from SUD. Our tools include e-learning, videos, action plans, and other functionality that will help bolster and educate this critical support network. 

Our Partners

We are so proud to be working with such amazing organizations!  If you have interest in becoming a partner, contact us!

support app for universities

When you have a lot of questions, unique needs, and the playing field of healthcare is changing rapidly, but you are too small to engage with the big guys.  Apportis focuses on small to mid-sized hospitals and clinics…we speak your language. Apportis can help you design and build out the programs that:


brand it as your own

Use a white-labeled product so your brand delivers on its promises of developing students in a safe and caring environment


provide content

Provide clinician vetted content on how to spot and deal with changes in behavior

align your resources

Gather and align your vast resources around student mental health and well-being

educate your family

Provides support systems, workbooks and assessments, elearning, videos, and content for non-emergent situations

pairing capabilities

Pair to the account of the student who is dealing with any and all types of mental health concerns

available databases

Recognize and understand the symptoms, learn what to expect from the treatment, find out what help is available at your institution, and learn about what to expect while they are at school or at home.

What is the importance?

What is depression?

Depression is a serious medical condition that can negatively affect a person’s ability to connect with friends and family, enjoy normal daily activities, attend school, and concentrate enough to keep up with the demands of academic rigor. Families can be affected if the student is suffering, the student they entrusted to your school.

Possible Future Issues

This can lead to: having unmet developmental needs, impaired attachment, economic hardship, legal problems, emotional distress, and sometimes even violence. 

How can families help?

Families can find it very hard to relate and to know what to do to help.  They will often ask themselves where can they find help and what can they do for their struggling student and family?


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