We are focused on providing the most reliable, simple to use solution that works exceptionally well in rural environments, where you have unique challenges of connectivity and varied economic pressures.


Apportis Substance Use Solution (ASUS).  When you have a lot of questions, unique needs, and the playing field of healthcare is changing rapidly, but you are too small to engage with the big guys.  Apportis focuses on small to mid-sized hospitals and clinics…we speak your language. Apportis can help you design and build out the programs that:


Connect to counseling by video, text, or phone


User can remain anonymous


Localized community of support


Self guided courses, apps. and other resources


Works everywhere – even without wifi!


System to deliver long-term counseling and engagement

Apportis Case Manager solution, Simply…

Apportis Case Manager Solution (ACMS). The Apportis platform allows vulnerable people to have screen to screen communication, which enables trust to be built trust with case managers and eliminates the barriers of time, money and transportation because there is access to assistance from any location with the use of a cellphone, computer or tablet.


Through ASUS, individuals with SUD can engage in “face-to-face” appointments with physicians, counselors, case workers, and other healthcare professionals. We work with these professionals as partners to determine who best to point the video connect “signal” to.

Remain Anonymous

Trust needs to be earned, and those with SUD can be very wary of incrimination if they interact with systems. Here they can remain anonymous until they have developed a level of trust with whom they are interacting with, even if this takes several sessions. Anonymity does not interrupt their access to counseling and their journey is on their terms. When they are ready to fully commit, ASUS transforms with them, allowing them to create a profile only if they choose to do part of their ongoing continuous care through the platform. 

Medication - Assisted Treatment (MAT)

A study conducted by The Ohio State University reported that an essential component of comprehensive addiction treatment is medication-assisted treatment (MAT). MAT is the use of medications (most commonly opiate agonists) in combination with other behavioral and environmental interventions. When properly administered, MAT has been demonstrated to be the “gold standard”  — that is, the most effective method of treating substance addiction.

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